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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

A.A. - Germany said:
I found it a very rewarding experience to do the course. The course was demanding and covered all the relevant areas which you need to know about for a teaching career. I benefited a lot from the practical focus of the course as I am myself a somewhat theoretical person. Therefore, the examples, teaching ideas, suggestions for games, the advice of the tutor etc. were very helpful and will in future be useful to keep my teaching in a communicative way. That was just the sort of thing I was looking for. Having myself prior teaching experience the course helped me to put things into context, be it to gain an overall picture of the conceptual framework of teaching, be it just to get to know some teaching jargon to put into words what I had done before without knowing what it is called. The worksheets tasks were well set to be able to merge what one has learned from the course, and what one knew before. On the whole, I would have found the course quite hard to do without any teaching background. Becoming familiar with the ESA methodology and how it is applied furnishes me with something to rely on in future teaching. ESA provides a way to keep teaching lively, varied, and balanced. It is a methodology that fits in nicely with my idea that english should be taught as a second rather than as a “foreign” language. In this sense, the course helped me to develop my own ideas of teaching. On top of this, the frequent practice of doing lesson plans taught me to structure my lessons properly, and to think everything through beforehand. It made me aware that I always have to have a language point when teaching. This notion for me is a shift towards professionalism, because so far I have often relied on intuition when teaching, and very often was busier selling the english language, than actually getting some language point across. Looking at it this way, lesson planning made me see my own teaching critically. To sum up, ESA and lesson planning have become part of my repertoire. The units with their many practical ideas will be a resource to me in future, and I will even buy some of the resource books suggested in the unit on equipment. That way I feel properly prepared to get going on TEFL in a more professional way.