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H.S. - South Africa said:
During this course I found that what seemed absolutely normal and obvious to me, will probably not seem obvious and normal to the students in my class and being a native speaker, I realized how much of what I was taught in school, I have already forgotten. This course refreshed my memory and taught me a few new things that were not even mentioned during my years at school. At the end, I would like to use my certificate to make a difference in countries where english is not a primary language. As I have travelled extensively, I have witnessed that english is the most common language all over the world and it is nearly impossible to go without it or things will be extremely difficult. I have always enjoyed teaching the people around me and I would love to use the certificate to teach around the world and help students from non-english speaking countries to be able to live their dreams, should it be to work, have vacation in an english country or just to be able to speak english. Overall, I really enjoyed the course and found that it was easy to understand and well structured. I can now say that I will be comfortable teaching others the english language and I am looking forward to the journey that I can have with this certificate.