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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

J.T. – U.S.A. said:
I’m really glad I decided to become TEFL certified because I learned a great deal of information about teaching in a foreign country and a lot about my own language. I learned what makes a good teacher and the different roles teachers should take. I remember learning basic grammar and sentence structure in grade school but didn’t really remember how to use all of it. This was a great refresher course to get me back into understanding the parts of speech and tenses. In High School I attended 4 years of spanish courses and I was constantly comparing things to my attempt at learning a foreign language. english is a very difficult language and I felt like this course equipped me with a good explanation and entire overview of teaching english in a foreign language. I learned about different methods and approaches to teaching and how to incorporate my personality, the culture of the students, and students’ needs into lessons. One thing that stands out is learning about the ESA approach. By using repetition with the ESA method and standard lesson plan form I was constantly reminded of how to motivate students, expose them to language, and give them the opportunity to use it in the classroom. This course provided me with an enormous amount of teaching ideas and pointed out common mistakes students often make while learning specific concepts. This course accurately explained each tense form in an order that was easily understandable and not overly confusing. Each lesson provided teaching ideas that were practical and useful. I definitely plan on using some of the teaching ideas and resources provided by this course. The DVD’s helped to show me how to demand classroom management and use eye contact, gesture, and voice to my own advantage. It pointed out reasons for problem behavior and how to prevent it by maintaining discipline according to the code of conduct. The unit on lesson planning was particularly useful in demonstrating how to use time management skills and how to monitor your lessons with a self-evaluation form. The worksheets were challenging and helped me absorb the information as well as practically use it. I learned about speaking activities in the classroom, techniques to encourage interaction, and how to use games to stimulate learning interest. This course helped demonstrate a large emphasis on phonology and pronunciation, stressing certain words to change the context and meaning of a sentence. Before this course, I hardly ever thought about reported and direct speech, making it the most difficult unit for me to understand. But the unit provided graphs and examples to clearly explain something difficult to teach in an online class. Unit 17 provides a great deal of resources I will definitely use in the future and the entire course in general has a lot of games and ideas I will incorporate into future lesson plans. Overall, becoming TEFL certified has proved to be very beneficial. I feel like I have a better understanding of the english language and the qualities it takes to be a teacher abroad.