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O.T. - China said:
While I dont have much experience of teaching a class of english students as of now, I plan to in the near future and I must expect to run into problems when I start. This unit has taught me various solutions to some of the expected problems in starting out teaching my first class. One example of a problem I am most likely to encounter would be that a student would be unwilling to participate in the class. It is important that I notice this early on and try and involve them in the lesson but I must also know the reason of why they are unwilling to participate to choose the best solution. They seem more confident to speak to one person then many so I believe them to be shy and not comfortable in speaking in front of many people and for this I could organise a space for them to be able speak the language independently but I dont think this is the best solution. I could split the groups so they could have a chance to speak in front of less people so they could gradually improve their confidence in using the language and hopefully their confidence in speaking to many peolple together would grow as well.