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During unit 8 I have learned that it is very important to make sure you teach the children Future tense only when they are very secure in the other tenses as it can be a bit confusing.I do think that it is also very important to make sure you teach one form at a time with lots of ideas so that your student will not get confused. I think when I teach this I would make sure that the student know the form e.g. subject+will+be+verb+ing so as to make it easier for them to learn. I do think student who are on the level to be taught Future tense will be quite advanced and therefore it might be okay for them to learn certain \"formulas\" by heart. I also think it is very important for the teacher to explain all the usages of the tense very clearly to make it a bit easier. I have to say if I was a new student I would find this quite tricky so lots and lots of examples and practice would help me to remember so I would use that in my lessons.