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It was quite evident from the very beginning of the lesson what was ineffective with the first video lesson. The teacher himself was disengaged from the class and the students were unable to make up for it. The second lesson had a far more active teacher that provided the students a better entry point into the lesson. Going through this lesson, I realize that I am still very unclear about the differences between a Boomerang and a Patchwork lesson. A Patchwork seems to me a type of lesson where you are revisiting concepts to reinforce their meaning but that also seems very similar to Boomerang. Even some of the structures for those types of lessons first introduced back in Lesson 3 seem similar to me so I can't easily distinguish between these two types of lessons. Perhaps greater clarification can be provided in the future that demonstrate a difference between these two - especially because they are not general pedagogical structures but something created specifically in these lessons.