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G.A. - South Korea said:
This unit covered past tenses. It discussed how each form of past tense can be used. These forms include: past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous. Like the previously covered present tenses unit there are rough/basic rules for these tenses. For example, perfect simple tenses contain an attached past participle to the verb, therefore the basic formula is this: I(subject) work(verb)ed(past participle). However, as was previously discussed in the unit on present tenses, many verbs have irregular past forms (past simple forms and past participle) and these must be memorized because there is no pattern or rule to follow to understand them. Past continuous tenses follow a formula that includes \"was/were\" usage after the subject, plus the present participle \"-ing\". Past perfect tenses involve the use of \"had\" after the subject, plus \"-ed\"(past participle) attached to the end of the verb; whereas past perfect continuous forms use \" had\" + \"been\" after the subject, plus the present participle \"-ing\" attached to the end of the verb. The unit mentioned that these tenses are easy for a new language learner to confuse with certain present tenses and therefore that teaching them may be difficult.