TESOL Asansol

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J.J. - Canada said:
In this unit, the coursebooks and lesson materials are touched on which is an important part of an English lesson. The materials can be authentic or created ones. The authentic ones are very real to life but may not be up to the students' level, thus need teacher to sieve out the relevant ones. These materials lead them to be confident in reading every day newspapers or magazines and make more aware of materials of this language. While created materials aim to be graded to students' level and engage them in a different way. Coming out with a coursebook is certainly advantageous to the teacher in terms of preparation for lesson. However, if the course book materials are used for many years, it should be revamped. During the course of using the coursebook, supplementary notes or worksheets can be inserted for updatedness or appropriacy. If there should be a selection of course books rather than creating one, several factors need to be considered such as methodology, design, skill, guide for teacher, etc. The selection should always be for the students' benefits on learning.