TESOL Aspinwall Iowa

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This unit covers lesson materials and course books that can be used to assist teaching a class. having previously covered authentic and non-authentic materials, this unit was a good review. Course books and created materials can be categorized as non-authentic materials. This unit provided a lot of examples for materials that can be created for the class, which could help me down the line to make my own. It is also good to learn that course books can be used, so long as they particular activity being used serves a purpose for what the learner objectives are, and are relevant and engaging.Firstly I want to tell that materials in this course are very well structured and gives good initial information for an ESL Teacher job, of course, with experience and additional materials there are lots of space for growth and development, but I didn't expect from this course such helpful Knowledge. I got ,what every student needs, the confidence that I can do it. Even the last remarks in Unit 20 were helpful and good tips, I'm aiming towards smaller groups, but also it's good to know how to deal with the larger groups as well, as I believe, for me larger group would be more challenging.