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A.L. - U.S.A. said:
This unit guides the teacher on how to teach vocabulary, grammar and functions to his/her students. The ESA methods are easily used to introduce new language. Teaching vocabulary depends on a number of factors, including the spelling and pronunciation of the words, approriacy, similarity to the student's own language and to other English words. Students will need to understand the meaning of the words, and the usage, grammar, spelling etc. when dealing with grammatical structures, the teacher must take into account the competency level of the class. The meaning, usage, forms and patterns are covered in this phase, as well as the difference between the written and spoken forms. Finally this unit deals with language functions, which include suggestions, invitations, agreements and disagreements, and refusals. The ESA patchwork and boomerang type lessons are best suited to these lessons. In all th the lessons described above, the teacher should begin with the engage phase by using pictures, mimes or real objects. The study phases should include tasks such as gap-filling, information gaps, word search, or even jumbled sentences for language structure. Role-play is a good option in the activate stage, especially for language functions.