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N.D. - Vietnam said:
This unit covered all the basic types of lesson structures. There are several types from translation to the lexical approach. From time to time a teacher will some or all of the elements of the various lesson types. As far as which method is best, it seems the best, and what this course is geared toward, is ESA(engage, study, and activate). Engage is the part of the lesson in which the teacher gets the students interested and involved in the lesson as to peak their interest. Study is the part of the lesson in which the teacher will focus on language point and how it is constructed. Activate is the part of the lesson in which students are encourage to put it all together and use all the English they know, freely, with no restrictions, and a focus on fluency. Overall, this unit was a real eye opener for me. I know about some of the theories presented in this lesson but many of them were now to me. This unit offered a lot of useful information to use in the classroom to better teach students in a fun and creative way. The `ideas` section showed me that creativity is very important in the classroom. It seems students need variety in order to stay motivated to learn English.