TESOL Bartonville Indiana

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The unit covers different groups of students that could be interested/in need in/of learning English language. Those could be kids, multi- and monolingual groups of students, business English learners. Kids are most often less motivated and they need to be taken good care of - the teacher needs to be attentive, creative, fair, entertaining so that he/she doesn't cause boredom. Multilingual groups usually consist of visitors/migrants of the country, they want to learn the language and are quite motivated; their main language is English and they can only communicate in it with each other. Monolingual groups are usually within one country, where the students just want to learn language - also often highly motivated. Business English students are sometimes interested in improving their skills, but often attend the classes because of the corporate requirements, which means that they may be less motivated, and a teacher in his/her turn needs to know more about industry to be able to provide the best assistance.