TESOL Belgrade

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T.B. – Scotland said:
I found Unit 9: Lesson Planning to be a great tool in what I believe to be an important aspect of teaching. I never though of using the lesson plans as a record book, but it makes complete sense to monitor the progress. Especially if another teacher were to step in, having the past lessons would be a great asset to ensure their success. I imagine that tracking lesson plans would also be a great sharing tool when working with other teachers. Comparing what others have done before you, and sharing tips or activities would be a huge help from the more experienced. I also believe that preparing your lesson and going into as much detail (without scripting the lesson) would feel pre-meditative. This preparation allows the teacher to fully step into the mindset prior to class and ready to jump in. In addition to lesson planning, I found the self-evaluations to be an important step in monitoring my own progress. I feel reflection is an important aspect of life and it would be foolish not to continue this into the workplace. This is especially important as a teacher, when your behavior has the potential to impact so many students.