TESOL Bhiwandi

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E.G. - U.S. said:
This unit covers English phonology and pronunciation. In addition to stress, rhythm and intonation, the unit also covers the phonemic alphabet and how to articulate them. I found this unit useful for me because most of my current students' native language differs significantly from English and have much difficulty with certain English sounds. I have found that intonation is often learnt intuitively particularly when there is ongoing conversation with native speakers or listening to much English material. In my experience however, articulation has to be taught for certain sounds that is not found in their native language. Although this unit offers tips on how to teach it, it would have been beneficial for me to see how an ESA lesson could be constructed teaching this. So far, most ESA examples relate to grammar, vocabulary and sentence structures. Furthermore, I would have preferred diagrams for each area discussed in \"Places of Articulation.\"§1490180181 4888833§61132§1127§"I enjoyed this one alto more i must admit. I took longer to study it because i found it so interesting. I love reading all these interesting ways to speak English. It was so intreeging . The ways to pronouncirate are wonderful. I hoe i pass in time. I have 35 days left. I just love this course.