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Unit 20 is about common problem situations. First lessons are vital for the teacher to establish rapport with the students. A number of activities can be used for these purposes. Questionnaire/survey, a similiar type of activity 'Tell us about', Pass the ball game and needs analysis are recommended. For warmers, typical ideas are Hangman, Pictionary, Tongue twisters and Memory games. For different levels, teachers can use different materials, same material and different tasks. For large classes, Use worksheets and Pair/group work. Clarity and Choral repetition are great. When they use thier native language, make sure the activities are at a appropriate level and your explanations are clear to all class members. For reluctant students, use plenty of pair work/controlled practice. And also use role-play and a tape recorder. For those who have difficulties with listening text, teachers should keep a selection of extra activities/ meterials and plan other activities.