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E.A. - South Korea said:
Modal verbs add emphasis to a verb to express ideas. A few things they help to show is probability, obligation, or degrees of formality. They don?t change forms and are followed by verbs in their base form. A great teaching lesson for modal verbs would be a doctor and patient roleplay. A passive voice is used when the emphasis is on the subject and not the agent doing the action. With the passive voice, only transitive verbs are used and we usually do not know who the agent is. The last part of this unit describes clauses. Independent clauses are basic sentences. Dependent clauses have to be linked to an independent clause. Adjective clauses and relative clauses are the same thing and they modify a noun. There are two types: essential and not essential. Essential relative clauses are needed in a sentence to explain a point. One that is not essential can be removed from the sentence without the meaning of the sentence changing. I know there are phrasal verbs when speaking the English language, but in writing is not used often. They are a verb and a particle or two particles combined to work as item..