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S.H. – U.S.A. said:
In previous foreign language classrooms that I have taught in, we really pushed for the students to be able to speak as much as possible with little teacher talk time. This was done to help the students have as much talk time as possible. Reading of that section in our notes here reinforced that notion of students talk time as an important part of the language learning experience. One thing that I learned was about the different seating positions. I and my co-teachers have used different seating positions before to change up the class. Reading through what people have studied in response to the different types of seating arraignments was very interesting, I helped me to understand more about how the different students were behaving. It was neat to see in writing reasons for the different attitudes that students had from their seating arraignments. I will use the seating information in the future to be able to help my classrooms to be as inclusive to everyone as possible. My personal favorite seating arraignment for my students is the horseshoe. This is because it allows for a more personal feel, and also created room in the middle of the classroom for students to get up and practice their speaking during large group activities.