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L.M. – U.S.A. said:
Unit 3 discussed theories, methods, and techniques. This was a very valuable unit for me. It introduced many concepts of methods of how to teach students an L2: classical, audio-lingualism, the silent way, suggestopedia, and more. I believe the silent way method would be difficult in teaching English, especially as a foreign language; The colored blocks concept seems like it would get confusing for not only the student, but the teacher as well. While in high school and college, I learned of nature vs. nurture in different subjects; so, that was interesting to learn about in regards to learning a language. One concept of the lesson that I am not sure if I agree with was that it is not ideal to use the students? L1 to aid in teaching them the target language. I had three years of learning Spanish as an L2 (English as mine and the other students? L1), and the teacher used English to aid in teaching Spanish to us. I felt that it was very helpful and practical. I would like to practice that method when teaching my Spanish-speaking students English as a foreign language.