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In this unit I learned about the Future tenses and just how confusing they really are! One example that I found confusing at first was the distinctions between Future Simple and ?Be going to? predictions; I repeat sentences for each tense a couple times before I understood the meaning: FSimple predicts things with ?no present ?evidence, while ?Be going to? predicts things with ?present? evidence. Another confusion I can see learners having is the use of the Present Simple tense as a future tense. However, if I were to explain it, I would use the best example I found in the unit: A present plan for the future. As for Future Continuous, Future Perfect, and Future Perfect Continuous, I found these structures to be similar to both the Present and Past tenses i.e. FC = subject + will + verb + ing, Future Perfect = will + have + past participle, etc.; the difference being the change in the auxiliary verb.