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L.C. – U.K. said:
In this Unit, I learned the importance of ESA by Jeremy Harmer. ESA is broken down into three stages which are engaging, study and activities. Not only did I learn why it is a better method than the other theories or techniques but I also learned examples for each stage. For example, during the engage stage you want to get all your students conversing in the language being taught, and you van achieve this by using games such as listing, pictures or fizz buzz. However, you don't want to focus on correcting the student during this stage. If the student makes any error during the first stage take a note of it and discuss it later if the error is indeed an error and not a mistake during the study stage. Furthermore, the study stage is when you want your student to work on what is being taught whether it is by worksheets or groups. The final stage is when the student takes their knowledge and what has been learned and use it in a drama or conversation. It is during the last stage that a teacher can verify if the lesson was understood, provide feedback or corrections without demoralizing the studnet.