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In the beginning of this unit, the text mentions the most common tenses and ideas used, and that some of them can have present and future meanings. After learning about the future tenses and looking closely at the activities (teaching ideas), I strongly agree with the text's statement. From my personal experience, the most common or frequent conversations I have are in regards to the future. For example, what I'm doing today, tomorrow, next weekend, or next year. Furthermore, what will I do when I'm in Japan or study in school. Future and past tenses are important when conversing with others.The common problems that the teacher may have in the classroom start at the beginning in the first lesson, when the teacher will be realized which kind of class is going to teach, if is a new group or an existing group. It is very useful if the teacher in the first class start making question to the students so that way then can know each other better and find out more about the students's needs and aspirations with English language. There are a lots of activities the teacher can do to these purposes as questionnaire and pass the ball game. It is very good to start with a warmer class first .