TESOL Certification Amarillo United States

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this unit shows the flip side of the coin and explains why speaking and writing the main form of communication are beneficial. It also teaches us why one skill is usually taught and relied on more than the other. even thought they have an equal benefit to the learner. We also lear new activities to engage the fluency of the learner and help them grow as students.TH?S UN?T BAS?CALLY EXAM?NED THE EVALUAT?ON AND TEST?NG AS METHODS ANDMEANS ?N MEASUR?NG STUDENT'S LEVEL AND PROGRESS ?N A G?VEN SUBJECT MATTER.IN TH?S METHOD,TEST AND COMMON EXAM ARE MENT?ONED AS WAYS OF ASSESSMENT OF LEVEL US?NG CERTA?N MATER?ALS AND ?NFORMAT?ON PROV?DED.SUCH METHODS A,TUTOR?ALS AND TEST ARE VALUABLE PROCESSES OF EVALUAT?ON.