TESOL Vilnius

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E. R. – U.S.A. said:
This unit discussed course books and lesson materials. It covered the advantages and disadvantages of using course books as well as created materials, and also the different benefits of created materials and authentic materials. I thought it was useful to think about how to choose an appropriate course book, and also how to employ the course book effectively by not adhering strictly to the book. I don't use a course book in my classes now, but I would like to remember these tips for the future. I also would like to start looking for more authentic materials to use in classes. As it stands, I mostly use created materials, but I think my students are at the level that they would probably benefit from engaging with authentic materials that might be of interest to them or support what they are studying in their other English classes. While there were some good examples of created materials shown in the unit, I would have liked to see at least one example of how to effectively incorporate authentic materials into a lesson before trying to do it myself as one of the tasks.