TESOL Certification Baicheng China

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Using course books can be beneficial, but we must not use them as a crutch. Nothing should stop us from preparing and being ready for each lesson. Taking time before hand to make our own created materials can be a good idea. Created materials are more focused to what our lessons are that day. Created lesson, while we create them ourselves, will allow us to think through or visualize our lesson and how we want it to flow.I sadly realise i have failed my average ,silly enough i though the pass mark was 50% so i haven't tried my best assume,ing i was going to pass . Im deeply disappointed in myself for Akon so much on at once. So I'm going to do my absolute best and finish the course for myself. Hopefully resign ame redo one asap. I'm fully British so I'm fully capable. Otherwise i enjoyed this unit it was interesting ame opened my eyes alot.