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I have been thinking lately of switching towards teaching business English language classes. This section was very useful in discussing some of the issues that I may face if I decide to teach business level English. I really enjoyed reading through all of this section. The skills needed for teaching children and adults are very different. Although, there are some similarities, it is interesting to compare the two in the same chapter. I especially enjoyed the initial parts of how to test student ability for business classes using needs tests.This was a very helpful reading. This was very informative in explaining in a detailed and concise manner of each test. It is very important to give a student a placement test when deciding which level the student is at. It then helps the teacher to see the strengths and weaknesses the student may have. I do think that it is important to evaluate the student throughout the year but it is natural for the teacher to literally \"see\" if the student is progressing. Overall, these variety of examinations are very helpful for teacher and student.