TESOL Certification Bulgaria Burgas

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This unit discusses ten theories along with their methodologies and techniques, to include (1) grammar-translation, 2) Audio-Lingualism, (3) Presentation, Practice and Production (PPP), (4) Task-Based Learning, (5) Communitive Language Teaching, (6) Community Language Learning, (7) The Silent Way, (8) Suggestopaedia, (9) The Lexical Approach, and the Engage, Study, Activate (ESA) approach as means of teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL). To this end, ESA is considered best, according to Jeremy Harmer, author of “How to teach English” because this approach allows, among other things, for the motivation of students, afford them exposure to English and an opportunity to use it, gives the teacher a great deal of flexibility and is appropriate for trainees and new teachers.