TESOL Certification China Puyang

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I once again have to say how much I'm enjoying this program. Everything about it from the context to the layout have made my learning experience exceptionally wonderful! It's been great diving into the parts of speech and expanding my knowledge of English. A few top takeaways from my notes are listed below: Nouns: Usage, A noun names people, animals, places, things, qualities and states. Main types include, common (no capitol) proper, compound, abstract, collective. Adjectives: Describe nouns Articles: Definite (the) and Indefinite (a, and an) Verbs: Action words example, played, walk and talk. Adverbs: Place, manner, time (usually in that order) Gerunds: -ing form used in the same way as a noun. Pronouns: Types, Personal and possessive Prepositions/Conjunctions: