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Unit 8 taught the future tenses in the English language: Present continuous, Going to future, Future simple, Future continuous and Present simple. Those are important to be able to express any events, predictions, promises and actions in the future in daily conversations in the English language. As well, the present simple is used to talk about times of arrivals and departures of traffic and times of events, e.g. The train leaves at 13.30.Modal verbs are used to express obligation, possibility, permission, ability, advice, and formality. Most of the modal verbs share some of these uses. For instance, when expressing certainty, the modal verbs 'might', 'may', 'could, and 'must' can be used. However, each verb has a different percentage of certainty. Depending on which verb is used, the sentence could be interpreted incorrectly. This applies to all of the uses of modal verbs.