TESOL Certification Jalalabad Afghanistan

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In this unit, the main focus was the conjunction of words and how to put words in proper tenses. The best practices were the rules of the 4 different aspects of the various times in English; past, present, and future. The fact that the typical students errors and mistakes were included really helps us as teachers remember to focus on these issues when teaching a class. It will keep our focus on the repetitive mistakes, trying to avoid them.Unit 16 covered conditionals and reported speech. There are 5 main conditional forms; zero conditional, first conditional, second conditional, third conditional and mixed conditional. I also learned the difference between direct speech; sentences which are actually spoken, e.g. Heidi: ?I will try to be a good teacher!? And the reported or indirect speech; sentences which are reported, e.g. Heidi said, she would try to be a good teacher!