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V.D. – U.S. said:
This unit suggests some useful tips on teaching special groups of students ranging from young beginners to adult beginners, one-on-one students, students with specific reasons for learning the English language like for business, multilingual and monolingual students, just to name a few. It further purports that different groups of students have their specific needs and motivations which the teacher must understand and take in to consideration when preparing his or her teaching materials and content. For teaching young beginners of English who are being exposed to the language for the first time requires more time and patience and the choice of materials and actually should be appropriate and motivating. It equally looks at teaching adults or those learning the language for business, which has a different approach and focuses more on oral communication, writing business letters, just to name a few. The unit then concludes with some useful ideas of teaching multilingual and monolingual classes. In a nut, this unit will be useful specifically for teachers teaching in native English speaking countries like the USA or monolingual countries like China.