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This unit shows that even native English speakers can have trouble with the English language. The use of present tense does come very naturally to those who have English as a first language, but breaking down those tenses even further than past, present and future, does take some practice to get into and digest how each tense is properly used. The four present tenses of present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous, do need a run through a few times and knowing that it took me a while to understand them, I now know how to and how not to teach my students ways to learn these tenses. I will definitely use a lot of activities and examples because I feel that is the one way to truly understand what the present tenses are. Even if I were to explain them to the students in great detail, this lesson would have to be heavy in different activities, for one thing to help them learn the present tenses, and to also keep them engaged in such a lesson.