TESOL Chengdu

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S.F. - Vietnam said:
This unit was about how to get ESL/EFL students to read with understanding in the classroom using different specialized reading and listening skills. The unit explains how predictive reading can help introduce a reading topic. I have found this skill very helpful in my ESL classrooms when teaching all ages. Next, the unit describes how to use ESA using an Elvis Presley song getting the students to use the predictive reading to discuss what they know about Elvis. Then, it engages the students discuss comprehension questions about the text; followed by the students writing about what they learned and know about Elvis. Last, the students will review and go over any mistakes in the grammar and work to make a similar presentation about a different famous person. In my opinion, this unit is a great example of how to engage students during reading activities to have conversations. I have found that many of my ESL students over the years have been very good at reading English when the class starts but have difficulty speaking. I feel that by using the Elvis reading lesson in the future I can get my students motivated to speak about what they are reading and understand more.