TESOL Chifeng

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V. V. – U.K. said:
This unit covers explains how an ESL teacher can prepare their lesson plans according to what is their focus of their lesson: i.e. teaching vocabulary, teaching grammatical structure or teaching language functions. A straight line, boomerang or patchwork ESA methodology can be adopted accordingly. For e.g. For teaching vocabulary, the teacher has to choose words that are appropriate the the students, task, with consideration to frequency of usage. The students then need to know the meaning, usage, pronunciation, spelling and interaction of the word with other words. Here is a possible straight line ESA lesson to cover vocabulary with the topic of food: Engage: Discuss what countries do the students come from, what dishes are popular from where they come from, what ingredients are essential for most cooking, how is food usually cooked (on a wok, in an oven, on a pan etc) Study: Write your own recipe of an imaginary dish. Mention ingredients and method of cooking. Activate: The students swap recipes with others and enact cooking with the recipe in hand, as a cook of a TV show.