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J.R. – U.S.A. said:
The use of the methodologies depends on your individual circumstances. One's personality, culture of students and their needs all play a role in the selection of a methodology. Students need motivation, exposure to the language and opportunities to use the language being studied. That's when Jeremey Harmer's 'ESA' - Engage, Study and Activate technique is brought into use. This technique is described as 'strategies used by teachers to get learners to respond'. It involves learners in the process of understanding and discovering language. As a teacher, you should know when to use the various types of ESA lessons; i.e. Straight Arrow, Boomerang and Patchwork. Having insight in the various phases of the 'ESA' technique gives a variety of activities that can be carried out by the teacher. Feedback is very important and its aim is to encourage self-awareness and improvement in students. Feedback can take different forms and also depends on certain factors and the type of feedback. Students should be given the opportunity to correct their own work. A teacher should be able to distinguish between an error and a mistake. The 3 correction techniques should be adopted and a teacher should know where and when to correct his/her students.