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D.M. – U.S. said:
This unit discussed the importance of pronunciation for language learners. It also said that it is \"probably the most neglected aspect of English language teaching.\" This chapter also taught the importance of stress on certain words and syllables as the meaning of a word (or intention) can change depending on where the stress is placed. The unit also discussed the rise and fall of pitch and how it can signify the speaker's emotion and expectation. I also learned about sound joining and linked speech. I live in the southern part of the United States and I find that too many people practice linked speech, a habit that I have always found grating to my ears. I have always attributed this to the fact that it's just too hot and humid in the south to sound out the whole word. The International Phonetic Alphabet was completely new to me as I have been taught to use synthetic phonics. I found deciphering the IPA sentences fun and I think that my dyslexia helped me understand them with ease. I'll know for sure when I hit the submit button.