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A.N. – Korea said:
This unit explains the use of Lesson Materials, which are broadly categorised as Authentic Material, Created Material and Course Books. Authentic material includes real world material that aren't tailor-made for the lesson, yet can be interesting, topical and boost student confidence. They could be newspaper articles, magazines, restaurant menus, youtube videos, brochures, etc. Created material is usually tailor-made by the teacher to replace or supplement course books. They could be word search puzzles, gap fill activities, etc. Course books include published material such as work books, audio tapes, dictionaries, flash cards. While they may not always fit the specific needs and interests of all the students in the class, they are tried and tested, less time consuming than creating material from scratch and offer good ideas to inexperienced teachers. While some schools may have a preconceived lesson plans and course books, it will be the teacher's challenge to select and create material in order to teach ESL effective.