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D.W. – U.S. said:
Unit 5 focused on the management of the classroom. First it looked at the eye contact, gestures and voice that a teacher should use while in front of the class. Next was the grouping of students and how they can be grouped together as a whole class, in small groups, into pairs or individually. Each type of grouping came with its own set of pros and cons which needed to be looked at which worked best in each situation or lesson. The unit then progressed onto the classroom set up in terms of the seating. This was similar to the grouping of the students as the way the classroom seating is set out both has its pros and cons in different situations. Next we looked at the interaction the teacher will have with individual students, teacher talk time, student talk time and how to maintain discipline and more important preventing and responding to problem behavior. Overall I feel that this unit was very helpful in making me feel more confident in my ability to take control of a class as the teacher and make sure my students get the most out of it.