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J.R. - Vietnam said:
This unit discussed the speaking and writing components of language learning. It mentioned that writing is often under-stressed in classrooms because it is a more quiet activity, and that in some ways writing is more difficult than speaking because it tends to be more precise and less forgiving (when speaking clarifications can be made on the spot, while in writing this is obviously not the case). It was mentioned that many students prefer speaking to writing. In addition, in English some difficulties can arise because written English can be different grammatically than spoken English, and is often more formal. Spelling is also a major challenge in English, since many different spellings can have the same sound. (Reading a lot can help students learn spelling). Handwriting can be difficult for some students, particularly if their native language uses a different script. In summary, it is equally important to teach speaking and writing skills, and to do this in as fun and engaging a way as possible. There are many games that can be used to this end.