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M.M. - Chile said:
This unit focused on the two productive skills (speaking and writing) that are taught in English classrooms. The unit explained the two language points in a speaking lesson (accuracy and fluency) and how to teach each point in the appropriate place in a lesson plan. The unit also provided examples of different types of speaking activities, tips on how to encourage speaking in the classrooms, and an example of a straight arrow ESA plan for a speaking activity. The second half of this unit focused on writing lessons. The unit broke down the different issues that a teacher may have to address during a writing lesson; handwriting, spelling, layout/pronunciation, and creative writing. As with the first half of the unit, some examples of writing activities and a sample of an ESA straight arrow lesson plan was provided. The unit concluded with some suggestions on how to incorporate traditional games into a lesson. Upon completion of this unit I feel more confident and prepared to teach a productive skills lesson to non-native English speakers.