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J.K. - Korea said:
This unit reflects what I have long felt about course books, albeit the experience being that the course books were for my second language - mandarin chinese. Often childish and irrelevant, ithe vocabulary selected for learning was obscure and seldom used. In fact, one seldom had enough vocabulary to read the papers and glean other new words from context. The corpus of words was poor and it was slavishly held to for a period of ten years. One other drawback the unit forgot to mention about course books is that if they are poorly designed, they may well leave the learner with a limited vocabulary and poor foundations in grammar. Indeed, after evaluating all the pros and cons of authentic, non-authentic and created texts in the unit, I feel that there may be a need to use a mix of these texts. This will blend the best of both worlds and allow the students to feel they have progressed while having a core structure of a syllabus: curious students can then read ahead to stretch themselves and to see what?s next and aim higher.