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E.V.D. - Belguim said:
There are seven future tenses: 1-Simple: will + verb or I/we shall+verb It used for prediction with no evidence, promises, future facts, assumptions or spontaneos decisions. Shall is more formal and is frequently used for suggestions or invitations. 2-Continuos: will + be + present continuos It used to say tha something will be in progress a particular moment in the future or to predict the present, etc. 3- Perfect: will +have +past participle It used to say that something will be completed and done by a certain time in the future. 4- Perfect continuos: will+have+been +present continuos It used to say how long something will have continued by a certain time. Often includes an adverbal expression that begins with by. 5- be going to: be ( present) +going to+ infinitive It used for prediction base on present evidence, for invitations or for plans made before speaking. 6- Present Simple is used like future tense for timetableand schedule. 7- Present continuos is used like future tense for decision without timeframe or for definitive arrangements or plans.