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A.S. - Hong Kong said:
I wish I could do more receptive activities since I feel that my students are stronger in reading and writing than they are in speaking, however my role at the high school I teach at is to make English more communicative. This unit made me think harder about how I should go about transitioning from activity to activity, as well as choosing activities for my students. Usually I focus on western holidays and traditions, which usually goes well because that is what students expect. However, there have been a few that the students were clearly not interested in (Thanksgiving and Remembrance Day), especially Remembrance Day because I had a text they had to read and answer questions from. I thought they would be able to do the activity successfully because there was also a Japanese translation but many of the students had difficulty answering the questions. In the future as I get to know my students and classes better I hope to move away from western holidays and focus on other themes that may be of more relevance and interest to them.