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E.W. – Hong Kong said:
The teaching of vocabulary, grammar, and functions of the English language can seem like a daunting task but it can be made easier by following a few simple steps. The first of these is to consider you students. The following question must always be answered: is the subject being taught relevant and appropriate for the students? language level and situation? Once established that the vocabulary or grammar is appropriate for the students, the lesson planning can begin. The lesson?s structure can be adapted to better fit the material. Grammar and vocabulary lend themselves to straightforward ESA lesson structure whereas the teaching of functions often requires a more flexible structure. This is due to the fact that the emphasis is much more on production and fluency and therefore longer or more frequent activation stages are very beneficial. While all three of the elements previously discussed may be present in a lesson, knowing the overarching goal of the lesson is key to properly writing an effective lesson plan.