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V.M. - Italy said:
This unit provides a guideline to the different teaching techniques; structures of a class, correction techniques and overall methodology. It also \"chooses\" a specific technique which, I assume, will permeate for the rest of the course, which is the ESA (Engage, Study, Activate) methodology. More than choosing a better teaching technique, it rescues the most effective points of all other methodologies. The result is a method that is not rigid, but rather, focuses on the particular needs of the students. What I found most rewarding about this unit was the acknowledgement of some methods that I apply in class and that is often frowned upon by the organization I work for. While the organization puts an unbalanced focus on correction (correct everything on the spot, they say), I often opt for other behaviors that are commended in this unit. For instance, depending on the activity, waiting to the end to make corrections about recurring mistakes (once they are identified as actual errors), favoring students to make explanations when possible, rather than jumping straight to the explanation, or exercising patience and waiting a sensible amount of time for students to come to their own explanations/corrections.