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A.K. – Canada said:
Having been a professional writer and journalist for much of my career, English has been the medium of my craft as well as my native tongue. I have studied and used English to a greater degree than many people, thus I had fully grasped the grammar and usage of the present tenses before I opened this unit for study. However, although the unit did not contribute to my personal understanding of English, it effectively illustrated the material from the perspective of the EFL student. I have a greater understanding the difficulties and potential pitfalls that a non-native speaker may face when learning the present tenses, especially if their L1 uses different structures. Of particular value to me were the ideas for the Activate stage of the lesson. I can envision setting up the kinds of role-plays, games, and other activities that will reinforce when and how the students will use each of the present tenses correctly. Using a new language concept correctly in class will help students replicate that success outside of class.