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This lesson planning is an important part of the entire process of teaching English.I have not yet had the opportunity to be this thorough when thinking about the classroom setting, and am struggling to define in my mind and delineate the different tenses, how to teach them separately, how to quiz students, engage them, and have them actively participate. I am much more focused on self-learners, and therefore find it hard to imagine and plan an entire lesson plan. The best part of this lesson to me was the example activities provided at the end of the unit. I enjoy the \"imagine what you would say to a friend who is traveling,\" and other such activities to have students practice what they have learned. I want to more adeptly incorporate this into my tutoring sessions, with the added mentality of what I want the students to have accomplished by the end of our time. I also appreciated the aspect of self-introspection and progress. I think this is a very important issue I would like to focus on: how to better myself and my instruction.