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L.D. - Australia said:
This unit teaches teachers best practices for teaching lessons that utilizes student's receptive skills. Reading and listening are two receptive skills of equal importance, and are two of the four basic skills required to learn any language. These other two are as well, equally important. The unit explains that there are specialist skills required for listening and reading. Each one serves a different purpose. Students interest and motivation in participation depends on the topic and tasks given by the teacher. Teachers must consider pre-teaching vocabulary, careful selection of text, topics and tasks, sparking student's interests and an outline of their receptive skill lessons. I learned some great ways to maintain reading and listening comprehension in the classroom. As long as I consider my students and get to know them I can come up with some creative lessons that will keep them interested. Also with an outline I should be able to keep the classroom interesting with a variety of content without having to come up with a new structure each time.