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M.W. - Sweden said:
In this unit, we look at ways to evaluate students (in all stages), grade their level, find out what they know, have learned, and how they are progressing. Tutorials, evaluation by students, and tests are used to assess their levels. There are many kinds of tests for different purposes. Placement tests are used to find out students level for appropriate teaching level (classes). Progress tests are used periodically to monitor how much the student has learned or retained, and what they have not. Diagnostic tests are used to help plan for future lessons that should target where the student is lacking or weakest as revealed by the test. Practice tests help prepare students for an external examination. I think as teachers, we often overlook assessment and testing to better understand what level our students are at. It is easier for us to assume they are all at similar levels and all have the same needs, and so we use a cookie-cutter approach or a general blanket approach rather than to assess the specific needs of the individual or the group.