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S.H. – U.S. said:
This unit introduced four types of past tenses: simple past, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous, the usage of all kinds, common mistakes and errors and their individual active teaching ideas.All these four tenses has three forms which are affirmative, negative and question.Past tense is associate with actions done in the past time periods. \"When the verb \"to be\" is in the past, it will be a past continuous tense. when the verb \"to have\" is in the past, then it will be a past perfect continuous.\" Actions done completely in the past time period, we call it \"past simple\"; actions in progress at a specific time in the past, we call it\" past continuous\"; a past action occurred before another action in the past, we use past perfect for the former action; we use past perfect continuous when a progressive action or situation in the past that has been going on up to a past moment. We also need to bare in mind that some verbs have irregular past simple forms and past participle forms that might requires us to recite them precisely.