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S.S. – U.A.E. said:
In this unit, I learned about encountering possible problems and ways to deal with it. This solutions is not a course book-based but activities to know more about the students; their ambition or target in learning English, their English level and building a friendly relationship of a teacher to his/her students. To achieve these, activities can be performed. To make the class fun and intertaining, warm-up activities are very helpful. This is to create interaction to one another among the students and can make them comfortable. For students of different levels, additional activities can be added to stronger students on various situations. For large class, strategies are to be applied to the students. Pair and group work, choral repetition and using worksheets are some effective activities. For reluctunt students, teachers should involve them in activities that require talking and interaction. Role play and pair work best fits for them. I also learned that teacher should see to it the lessons being given are clearly explained and activities to be conducted are suited to the level of students. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the learnings I gained, not only in this unit, but in all the units I have studied.